Dr Melissa McCann

Donate and help Dr McCann now: https://www.mightycause.com/story/Q55zgf Dr Melissa McCann is a general practitioner and practice principal of more than 12 years experience working in rural general practice settings The concealment of vaccine induced deaths by Australian regulators, brought to light in a recent series of conferences presented by Dr McCann and the United Australia Party, […]

Clive Palmer

United Australia Party Chairman Clive Palmer’s rousing, passionate speech full of uncomfortable truths and cold hard facts, brought to a close the the Australian Covid-19 Vaccine Conferences.  These memorable sold-out events, held on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and Sydney, aimed a spotlight at the lies, propaganda and cover-ups surrounding the Covid-19 vaccines, the dangers […]

Dr Pierre Kory

A renowned pulmonary critical care specialist who has run multiple intensive care units, Dr Pierre Kory stood firm in the face of relentless criticism and the systematic dismantling of his career following his stance on the medical response to Covid-19. He asserted consistently that effective treatments were available, saying corticosteroids and other therapeutics were effective […]

Dr Peter McCullough

On the 13/02/2023 Clive Palmer and the United Australia Party are delighted to present the Sydney event from a series of exclusive conferences headlined by Dr Peter McCullough – the renowned cardiologist who has been a leading voice in the medical response to Covid-19, and distinguished critical care physician Dr Pierre Kory. Joining Dr McCullough […]

Senator Ralph Babet

Earlier this year the United Australia Party held a series of conferences around Australia exposing lies and misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines.  We learned about the harm caused by mRNA vaccines, which we were all urged to take on threat of losing our jobs.  Auditoriums in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast were filled with people hungry for information and eager […]